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Cacoethes (In Progress)

by Illogistical Resource Dept.

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Physaria 02:55 video
It learns and replicates It bonds and procreates It spreads and isolates Then devours and terminates
Well, how about that? The mud devil, snot otter, devil dog, Allegheny alligator Or whatever you’re inclined to call him Is now the official amphibian Of the keystone state Solitary in nature Reclusive by choice Subdued behavior Deprived of voice The past few decades Looked a bit grim for the ol’ bender No clean running water No mates to speak of The luck of the crayfish-eater Had seemingly run out Solitary in nature Reclusive by choice Subdued behavior Deprived of voice Thanks to some crafty folks With determined persistence The Hellbender population Is once again on the rise
A plague has risen stretching far and wide An uncertain feeling on Salem's riverside A certain select few don't seem to be themselves It seems they are possessed by evil itself The bread that feeds Is the bread that leads To the mind's collapse Where delirium breeds Imaginary things crawl on their skin A mental condition not many have seen They rant and rave in a delusional trance Never seeing the end, only a glance We have our ropes and stones if the trials don't come through for this we can’t condone this manic point of view Some blame the ergot others blame their craft Most of us should know to trust the better half If the facts ring true, then no one will know As we gaze into the bonfire's glow The bread that feeds Is the bread that needs Warm swampy waters To spread its disease
99942 04:22 video
A declassified document from the FBI Suggest that unidentified flying objects May have come from another dimension The document called Memorandum 6751 Dated July 1947 Was sent in by an anonymous person You’re Our Experiment We record (all you say) We observe (all you do) We arrange (your DNA) The author suggests that these UFO’s Carried human-like aliens from an “etheric” world In a dimension other than our own They did not come from a physical planet But rather from a world That interpenetrates with our own Yet not perceptible to humans You’re Our Experiment We record (all you say) We observe (all you do) We arrange (your DNA) These extradimensional beings and their crafts Re-enter the etheric at will And disappear without leaving a trace
Mutations 04:06
Formed deep within It serves As the primary vessel To the nerves Withering away Inside Arterial bonds Nullified Conduits of blood Juxtapose Natural selection Has arose Mutating genes Override Change and refinement Coincide Microevolution Is here Traditions erode And disappear Secular trends Of our race Over time will become Commonplace


released January 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Illogistical Resource Dept. San Francisco, California

Unconventional, quirky, and ominous have been used to describe the sounds of the San Francisco based power trio, the Illogistical Resource Dept. The I.R.D.’s bass heavy approach to songwriting comes from a wide range of influences including Primus, Rush, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Tool, Devo, and Pink Floyd. ... more

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