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Aphagia Recordings

Transmission Cinema

by Illogistical Resource Dept.

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Isaiah Miller
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Isaiah Miller Finally! Something unique and different. Very bass driven awesome weirdness, definitely feel like these guys are Primus inspired. I absolutely love this album. Really glad I found you guys. Favorite track: Duck and Cover.
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The new album from the Illogistical Resource Dept. (Transmission Cinema) took a full year to record, mix and master.
From sweltering temps, torrential rains and leaking roofs, the band never lost focus on their goal of making an album of diverse yet accessible sounds.
Jim Harris added his songwriting skills this time around which contributed to the album's balanced mix of guitar and bass driven tracks. Vocals adorn the first several songs and feature guest singers, while the second half is instrumental. The I.R.D. has always been more than just a band. It is a collaboration of minds among great friends.


released May 19, 2015

Jim Harris - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bouzouki
Dan Menapace - Bass, Samplers, Vocals, additional Guitars
Noa Oz - Drums and Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Forest Huggins - Vocals on Subject to Change, Return of the Gargoyles
L. Michael Wishman Jr. - Vocals on The Great Conspirator. Spoken word on March of the Urchins

Recorded at Tranquility Base - Burlingame, CA
and The Locker - San Francisco, CA
between March 2014 - February 2015

Record Label: Aphagia Recordings
Engineered by Dan Menapace

Copyright 2015


all rights reserved



Illogistical Resource Dept. San Francisco, California

Unconventional, quirky and ominous have been used to describe the sounds of the San Francisco based power trio, the Illogistical Resource Dept. The I.R.D.’s bass heavy approach to songwriting comes from a wide range of influences include Primus, Rush, King Crimson, Tool, Devo and Pink Floyd. ... more

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Track Name: March of the Urchins
Below the gently rolling waves off the Palos Verdes Peninsula,
a spiny purple menace is ravaging what should be a thriving kelp forest

Millions of sea urchins - scrawny, diseased and desperate for food -
have overrun the shallow seafloor devouring kelp at an astonishing rate
Track Name: Tinnitus We Stand
Once in a while you hear that sound
From out of the blue
you come unwound

Once in a while you hear that roar
it brings you down
to the floor

Once in a while you hear that thing
a constant sine
a piercing ring

Once in a while you hear that buzz
it's something you wish
that never was
Track Name: The Great Conspirator
Cited in folklore as
words from the wise

A true conspirator
with the darkest of eyes

Scanning the land like a
sky-high priest

Alerts his allies
and revels in the feast

Raucous and agile with a
sleight of hand

Known by many
as a pillager of the land

A problem solver of
the corvid type

Unlike the ways of
the illusive Snipe
Track Name: Return of the Gargoyles
Five hundred years we waited
and now
we rise
the end
of your age
beginning of ours

In this year with man's thoughts turned towards
the many ill's he's brought upon himself
Man has somehow forgotten his most ancient adversary
The Gargoyles

Five hundred years we waited
and now
we rise
the end
of your time
Five hundred years
Track Name: Subject to Change
no one said tomorrow had to be more of the same
the universe is infinite and subject to change

you're changing...
all your molecules are slowly rearranging
no matter who you are
the atoms that formed you were forged in a star

constantly evolving in pleasure or in pain
from seed to bloom and womb to tomb, you're Subject To Change
you're changing...
consuming and eliminating
your cycle is not yet complete
the cycle's still circulating
you're changing...
part of a process that's self-sustaining
till entropy stills energy
and there's nothing left remaining

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